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Visit The Top London UK Museums While In London

Best London UK Museums

London is one of those cities that has quite a history. You can see it in the architecture for sure, and I’m sure the locals and tourist can feel it in the air. Some of the best places to find out about the city’s history is by visiting the top London UK museums. In some cities, there aren’t enough museums to make a list and be sure you visit the best, but London has quite a few as you can imagine.

If you had to take a guess, how many museums do you think are actually in London? Perhaps you would say 20 or maybe even 30 or 50? What if you were were told that there were over 300 museums in London. Yes, so it helps to know which ones you are going to visit first, even if you lived there. It’s going to take a lifetime to visit them all. One of the top London UK museums is the British Museum, which is ranked #1 on a top travel site.

Then there is the National Gallery at #2 and the Victoria and Albert Museum at #3. The architecture on some of these museum buildings alone is just breathtaking when you look at some examples. Just imagine seeing them in person and then getting to browse all the collections inside. Let’s get to some more of the top museums in London so you have several to visit while you’re there.

There is Churchill War Rooms, National History Museum, Wallace Collection, The Courtauld Gallery and the The Royal Air Force Museum London. As you already know, there are many more museums to visit, and there are many that can’t make this list that are quite deserving. You just have to work your way down while enjoying the best of them first.

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