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November 19, 2016

Top London Tourist Attractions

Top London England Tourist Attractions For A Great Vacation Experience

London, England is one of the most visited cities in the world. It’s a great summertime vacation experience if you’re looking to avoid all the heat and humidity you might find on the beach or at your favorite amusement park. London is of course the capital of England, and there are more attractions within the city than you possibly have time to visit. So how do you pick the best ones?

Two of the top attractions in London are the British Museum and the National Gallery. Of course, you can’t visit London without checking out Big Ben, right? Some of the landmarks and attractions in the city you’ve certainly heard of before, like Big Ben, and then others might be new to you. Just because you’re not familiar doesn’t mean you want to pass them up. After all, you’re supposed to learn a thing or two about England and its culture while you’re there.

Everyone has heard of Winston Churchill. Have you heard of the Churchill War Rooms? You absolutely must check out the Tower Bridge, even if it’s from afar. It’s an architectural beauty that is hard to compare to just about anything else you’ve ever seen. St. James Park is beautiful and a great place to spend time, too.

The British Museum was mentioned, but there are other great museums to visit as well, like the Natural History Museum. The Wallace Collection is one of the unique attractions available that reviewers report is a hidden gem. Then there is Westminster Abbey, which is full of history. Have you heard of The London Eye? Which tourist attractions in London you decide to visit should be based on your own interests, but knowing that these are some of the top choices should help you as you explore the city.

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